Learn the core functionality needed to become proficient in Excel, from cell navigation and selection to writing formulas and sorting data.

  1. Data Manipulation and Formatting
  2. Formulas and Finance Functions
  3. Text, Time and Dates
3 courses 55 lessons Explore

Learn how to do lookups on large datasets, build pivot tables and perform complex statistical analysis.

  1. Lookups and Database Functions
  2. Pivot Tables
  3. Introducing Statistics
3 courses 38 lessons Explore

Charts and dashboards quickly summarise and generate insights from your data. Learn how to create these tools effectively in Excel.

  1. Charts in Depth
  2. Build your first Dashboard
2 courses 29 lessons Explore

Learn how to build models that help business solve complex problems. This course assumes you have intermediate-level Excel skills.

  1. Build your first Model
  2. Forward-looking Models
2 courses 44 lessons Explore

Investment valuation is a hugely beneficial skill in business. Learn both valuation theory and how to build valuation models.

  1. Introduction to Valuation
  2. Valuing a Real Estate Investment
2 courses 38 lessons Explore

Macros and VBA extend the functionality of Excel, enabling you to automate certain tasks and create much more complex formulas.

  1. Introduction to Excel Macros
1 course 12 lessons Explore

Learn how to analyse financial statements, build financial projections and perform complex company valuation - all in Excel!

  1. Introduction to Financial Statements
  2. Financial Projections
  3. Performing your first Company Valuation
  4. Leveraged Buyouts
4 courses 93 lessons Explore

Shapes, images, charts and text are the building blocks of PowerPoint. Learn about these objects and much more.

  1. Shapes, Lines & Images
  2. Master the Textbox
  3. Construct Charts for your Data
  4. Custom Templates for your Business
  5. Creating Business Presentations
5 courses 48 lessons Explore

Learn the core skills necessary to become an expert in Tableau, from data manipulation and modelling to building compelling, interactive dashboards.

  1. Introducing Tableau
  2. Creating visualisations in Tableau
  3. Filter, groups and sets
3 courses 71 lessons Explore

This course takes an in-depth review of formulas and calculations in Tableau. The software has it's own language for writing formulas which you will master in these courses.

  1. Formulas in Tableau part 1
  2. Formulas in Tableau part 2
  3. Level of Detail Expressions
3 courses 66 lessons Explore

Learn more advanced topics in Tableau such as optimising your dashboards for performance, create interactive geo-spatial visualisations and learn to connect to many different data sources through Tableau.

  1. Optimising for performance
  2. Advanced visualisations in Tableau
2 courses 28 lessons Explore

Here's a list of new courses coming later this year. Please let us know what courses you'd like us to cover in the future.

  1. Financial Statements 1 & 2
  2. Macros & VBA Part 2
  3. PowerPivot
  4. Advanced Excel Formatting

Latest course

Advanced - Tableau - Advancing in Tableau
Advanced visualisations in Tableau

This course moves beyond the regular visualisations in Tableau and shows users how to create more advanced charts such as layered maps, funnels and waterfall charts.