5. Inserting and editing images

6 mins

Images can add a lot of flair to a presentation. However, they can be a little tricky to edit, particularly cropping. Here I show you how to edit bio photos to fit in our organisation chart.

Show Notes

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Edit / Check the size of an object

1 Right-click on the object
2 Go to Size and Position

Inserting images

1 Go to Insert tab on ribbon
2 Click Picture

Editing images

If you need to change the dimensions of an image, cropping is the best method:
1 Select the image
2 Click crop tool in quick access toolbar
3 Adjust the crop handles so that the image is almost a square
4 Right-click on the image and select Size and Position
5 Select Crop on the lefthand side and adjust the crop position height

Note: When changing the size of an image, make sure to lock the aspect ratio so that the image dimensions are not altered

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Running Time: 6 mins


7. Advanced image editing

Running Time: 5 mins


8. Building process diagrams

Running Time: 11 mins